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Posted: Saturday 12 January 2013

Doing some very basic hacking.. It looks like iOS6 doesn't allow modificationx to the file directories of actual apps, else I would be releasing some mad hack for iOS [that I created while I was still on iOS5]. However, I still have my Second Gen iPod Touch to save my arse, still being stuck on iOS 4.2.1 has it's perks.
Having an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad 4 with 6.01 is alright, I don't jailbreak, so my apps are still there even after the update, so I've lost nothing and gained a little: Apple Maps turn by turn navigation with location services/Siri is alright, not too bad, better then the Google Maps app when it comes to clarity of tone.I mean, I don't understand the critics of Apple Maps, it may be just a side effect of sourcing data from TomTom and the fact that 3D mapping takes a lot of effort, work and helicopters to put the whole world, in 3d in a small tablet or phone... I absolutely hate the fact that I can't use the web version of youtube and forced into being pushed on the "offical" youtube app... That said, the jailbreaking community seems to be working tirelessly to hack iOS6, and I would like to congratulate you if you've contributed to that community.. Hypocritical, because I don't jailbreak, but really, without that community, iOS would've been some locked down piece of shit, and I wouldn't get other basic hacks from that same community... Then again iOS6 is now a complete lockdown and waste of everything to get [assuming that you're a poweruser].. Kinda like Windows RT.
Following the topic, I don't think that Microsoft's lock down of devices with Windows 8 with the UEFI secure boot thing is an effective way kill Linux, nor a smart product decisions for consumers - It's a case reminiscent of their anti-trust lawsuit involving internet explorer, however this time around, they can just point the finger at Apple and say "hey, they did it first". Then again, Apple had been doing this exact same thing by not allowing jailbreaking even though it's completely legal. Which is not cool at all.. Funnily enough, Macs allow booting Windows - through bootcamp - instead of competely shunning Windows for being inferior, which I find both smart and very, very ironic. I don't really know how I should feel about Android, but I do have a lot of things to say about it: 1. Android is a complete rip off of iOS - Now this is, in my opinion is the biggest mistake of the decade, it may be completely true 3 years ago, but it had evolved into it's own little OS, different to iOS. And I find that completely ridiculous, because now what iOS is really doing is playing catch up with android, it's like Google declared war on Apple and Apple can't do anything about it - it's kinda like or America invading Afghanistan, or America invading Vietnam, it's on Apple's territory, and they can't do anything about it.
Now that was a little exaggerated, because they can fight back; Apple with their tonnes of lawsuits, some of which have been successful, most of which there for the sake of bragging and rubbing it into their competitor's noses. They are the equivalent to the Microsoft of hardware, not desktop operating systems. And of course, being the hardware designer, and distributor raises far more revenue then software. The field that I'm unfortunately in. If you're smart then you'll know that the race is primarily focused on hardware. Is Facebook successful purely because of the information that they sell to advertisers? No. They're successful because they own a shitload of servers that provide people with 24/7 #yoloswag #cutforbieber #420blazeitfaget entertainment to depress even more old people into thinking that society has almost had come to and end. The unfortunate truth is that it is, demographically the majority of Justin Beaver fans are 12 year old girls that are willing to cut themselves to gain attention. But I don't want or have the need to blog/talk about that, because, that topic is eventually going to end soon. Back to that topic, Facebook is also smart, I mean, it's not just the ability to purchase hardware in the edge of the Artic Circle, it's also the fact that they stream money to offshore tax havens [the Cayman Islands] and there is where Mark Zuckerberg actually starts making money. And as cheaty as that sounds, it's just plain being smart.
Moving onto Ubuntu [Just a general disclaimer beforehand. I prefer less commercial Linux flavors such as CrunchBang, Fedora and ArchLinux] - now Ubuntu is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I cannot get a grasp of it.. They're like a conglomerate of confused developers, who commit nothing to the upstream repo [debian], yet they're just leaching code off them and use any available opportunity to try to get the word "Ubuntu" in the Debian source code if they do decide to contribute. It's funded by advertising that doesn't value your privacy and yet many people still use it for some sort of false sense of security and privacy. Ironic. Understandable if you're a linux developer and you prefer bash over powershell when it comes to power, and completely understandable if you're a security researcher [Ruby on rail exploit anyone? LOL]. But what's even weirder is Valve's Valve's push to port high end games to Ubuntu, starting with their Steam for Ubuntu client. Now I've got absolutely nothing against that. But it feels like Valve is preparing for a commercial "brainwash" of Linux users. So either the project is going to fail - making Valve lose next to nothing, Valve will start imposing DRM software into every Linux distro in the world that isn't aligned with the FSF/GNU, or EVERY SINGLE GAME IN THE FUCKEN WORLD will become open source.
I was honestly going to talk about something else... Now what was it...