Anti-Gamergategate - The 3 important FACTs on Gaming Journalism

Posted: Wednesday 15 October 2014

IN online terminology, a troll is defined as "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument".
This definition has stood the testimony of the modernism of the platform of the internet, as the definition of "trolls" extends now to the blogs of "reputable" journalists.
Pandering to a strict demographic always does wonders to an ignorant mindset. The propagation of "clickbait" and other "dark pattern" campaigns draw crucial cues of the declining quality of reputable journalism and the field of news all together.

Resolving a non-functional redirect in Flask

Posted: Thursday 2 October 2014

So I recently encountered an interesting issue in Flask, and one that's quite simple to solve, looking at it now.

But Google Chrome returned a "Failed to load response data" message, when preforming a 301 redirect in Flask...

Analysing the Agenda of "The Australian"

Go on their homepage at any point in time and see if they've changed yet...