How to fix Microsoft Mobile Mouse Wheel Scrolling problems

Posted: Saturday, 27 June 2015

Table of Contents


What didn't work

Dealing with the scrolling issues with the Microsoft Mobile 3500 Mouse turned out to be fairly simple, but

  • After plenty of messy registry hacks
    • (changing HCKU\Control Panel\Desktop\WheelScrollLinesHCKU\Control Panel\Mouse keys didn't work)
  • After plenty of time spent messing around with Control Panel
    • The basic "tutorials" only show you how to change the amount of lines scrolled at a time, but does not deal with the problem regarding the mouse scroll wheel sensitivity
  • After restarting/logging off a few times (logging off is apparently supposed to apply the registry changes that you've made)
  • And even after re-plugging the nano-transceiver device,

Nothing seemed to work to fix the delayed/slow scrolling with the Microsoft Mouse...

iOS 9 Feature Rip-Offs

Posted: Saturday, 13 June 2015

If you've watched the Apple WWDC Keynote for 2015, then you'll notice some of the new features that Apple introduced for iOS 9. If you're also a Windows Phone user, then you'll notice some blatantly obvious ripped-off features from WP8.1 in iOS 9.

So let's start.

The Notes App Rip-Offs

Link to the Notes section in the keynote
The iOS 9 notes app is mimicking the Windows Phone "OneNote" app as much as possible. But that's just an opinion - the recently introduced features reinforces this, but what's the point of complaining. Here's some actual content.