LG Android QuickMemo+ Location

Posted: Tuesday 22 September 2015

So, here's the full path to where LG's QuickMemo app stores the "memos" in the Android file system:


For a bit of context, I "backed up" my LG QuickMemos from the "storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lge.qmemoplus" folder (friendly reminder to backup your LG phone with the official LG Bridge app), and started to delete some fairly important notes - or at least, notes that were important - since I had full faith in the back-up safekeeping any residue important information (so much so, in fact, that I cleared my clip tray, and emptied out the inbuilt QuickMemo trash).

Well, it turned out that the folder at "storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lge.qmemoplus" only contains the following: "Audios, Drawings, Images and Videos" - not the memos itself. And so, with a little bit of digging around the root directory, the actual path of the QuickMemo memo database was found.

Note that you may need root to access this folder (where rooting a LG phone is trivial).

Edit (October 2016)

Root is required to easily access the database file at the specified path.

So either chmod as root (to open the quickmemo database files for use without later root),

cp /data/data/com.lge.qmemoplus/databases/qmemoplus.db /storage/emulated/0

An alternative method could be through recovering the LG (G4) Quickmemo+ file from a real backup, although it appears that the backup encrypts, or otherwise hides the database file.

The result of cutting Tempered Glass

Posted: Sunday 20 September 2015

So what happens if you purchase an off-brand "tablet" device, and an incompatible "tempered screen protector"?

Well, you should throw the screen protector away, or at least donate it to a friend that you know has a device which the screen protector can fit on - because unless you have specialized machinery, cutting tempered glass with a pair of scissors, saw, or anything similar will simply break the screen protector.

To clarify, when you cut a Tempered Glass screen protector, the glass will immediately shatter at where you cut it.
So unless you've actually purchased a "fake tempered glass screen protector" - as soon as you apply pressure on the pair of scissors, the Tempered Glass will break, rendering it unusable...

N.B. I purchased two of these screen protectors since they were on sale, one for curiosity purposes (of course using anything outside of its intention has a high chance of destroying it), and the other for an actual iPad.