Unsplash - Download Top 100 Largest, 500 Smallest Images by Filesize

Posted: Friday 18 November 2016

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#F!RUMDWLra!QkrGOq189rgvunAaN4tAWw - ~5 GB

Here's a partial release of a personal Unsplash data mining session: 100 of the Largest file-sized images from Unsplash, and 500 of the Smallest file-sized images.
These images weigh (altogether) at a considerable size of 5 GB.

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#F!RUMDWLra!QkrGOq189rgvunAaN4tAWw - ~5 GB


And with the download links out of the way, here's some analysis on the data

Top 100


The most popular camera is the Nikon D800 - a pretty 36 MP DSLR. Next up is the Sony Alpha 7RM2 - an impressive 42 MP Mirrorless Camera. And in third place is the Canon EOS 5DS - a 50 MP DSLR. Pentax seems to have gotten some love (once). While brands like Panasonic, and devices like Smartphones, don't make the list.

Image Resolution

Average (Mean): 7167.51 x 5130.97 = 36.78 MP (Megapixels) ~ 17.7K
Average (Median): 7360.0 x 4912.0 = 36.15 MP (Megapixels) ~ 17.4K