Campus Life Hack [no jailbreak required]

Posted: Wednesday 16 January 2013

This post was intended to showcase the flaw for a short period of time (while it was still exploitable) and no-longer works on newer Campus Life versions

Yesterday, I received a very unwelcoming message on Game Center.
And I absolutely hated it. So, being the guy that I am, I decided to tear it apart bit by bit... But first, here's some instructions on how to take revenge on your friends. This is a part of my series on iPhone hacking.


!! Make sure that Campus Life is closed first.

Backup the file located at Campus Life/Library/Application Support/campus.sqlite
Copy Campus Life/Library/Application Support/campus.sqlite to anywhere on your desktop or to a folder that you have
Run the scripts below on the copied file:

v1.18 update - Modified "iPad" script

Script #1 - Works on newer gen iDevices [might crash on older gen devices]

Script #2 - The script below contains less features then in Script #1, but it tends to be less laggy and works with an iPad 1

How to run the script:

For this step, I recommend using SQLiteSpy to run the SQLite script above.
Drag the modified campus.sqlite back into Campus Life/Library/Application Support/
Launch Campus Life and build something to get your house score up, just that little bit.. That should be enough. To update your Game Center high score


I personally recommend using iFunBox to move these files to your iDevice without the need of jailbreaking, however you can use any method or program that can access the iPhone's file system to preform this hack, such as iFile [jailbreak required]

Alright, now here's some actual screenshots of the process

Click to expand


Looks like that jailbreak guy kicked me out of top ranked all time.. Well, I'm just going to wing it..
Second place.. Not bad...

Edit 2

Well, I guess that you are still reading. I haven't checked on Campus Life for quite some time, but what I would like to say is that I thank you all for your support! There was a 5 month window for this exploit to be exploited, and this post was not intended to do any harm during it's lifetime. I did develop the "hacks" myself, with some help from someone else's forum post, and some very easy analysis, but what I would like to say now is that I hate fakes, and that: is fake is fake is fake is fake is fake is fake is fake is fake
and seeing that this doesn't work any more, I'd consider this method and post to be fake as well... Though it once worked, and I do have proof that it did :)
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