Tribute to Aaron Swartz

Posted: Tuesday 15 January 2013

Aaron Swartz was faced with serve and serious charges, for crimes that he did not commit nor did any parties involved wanted pressed - aside from the US government. Usually, I don't favor the opensource community for being so hypocritically closed minded, but in the case of a trivial matter of trying to release information from the public domain to the public from a private organisation, but like many people, I find this exposure posthumous. What really got me today was the fact that the US has dropped said charges - 50 years in prison. No-one really cared about this case before this event, possibly because of the exposure it had gotten. However - like other typical media sites, I'd like to congratulate Aaron, for co-creating the world's largest open social sharing site, and for co-creating RSS and for contributing to the opensource community. But whatever the US government had planned to attack the opensource community. They should stop.