Great job

Posted: Sunday 20 January 2013

Well done Kim DotCom, and the rest of the MEGA team, give yourselves a clap on the back - Or you've probably already did.. What you've done will revolutionize content on the internet forever. Personally, I'm surprised, not at the interface and the design of the site [nice api's btw - very unixy] but by the fact that the New Zealand government allowed Mega to go ahead with their plans. That's a very good and clear indication to the American government that countries are slowly trying to rebel against them and to invalidate all attempts for the American government to seize control over offshore content.
Aaron Swartz's death will not be in vain, since users from all over the world can share content with the knowledge that they won't be looked at, ever.. And so government agencies have no proof of data being shared online, and thus no legal consequences can be held to both the participants and MEGA..
However, personally,
I'll just wait out using the service since I don't think that it's a wise choice, the FBI has managed to raid Kim DotCom's home and may do so again, regardless of legality..And also because of the simple fact that the service may be unreliable during the initial surge of registrants


6:45 AM 20/01/2013
Looks like is down, shame since it honestly looked like it was running more smoothly :(


I did not watch the MEGA launch video during the first few month of MEGA's launch, but I encourage you all to view it