How to download from Soundcloud

Posted: Thursday 10 April 2014

Soundcloud is a music and sound streaming and sharing website, with a diverse range of genres and songs to explore and listen to.
Songs can be enabled to be downloaded at the owner's discretion, however other's aren't. In the case of artists such as deadmau5, you're better off streaming the file into your computer for safekeeping forever, in case the sounds that the artists themselves provide get taken down, or if for some other consequence the audio file gets deleted (bad publicity, e.t.c...).
To download a track from Soundcloud, whether downloading is available or not, just follow the steps below:
1. Visit
2. Enter a valid Soundcloud link/track into the textbox
3. Press "Download"
4. Click on the song's title link that the following site generates, or alternatively, right-click the link and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As", depending on your browser...
This Soundcloud downloader also delivers the appropriate and "normal/original" download format if the uploader has enabled it, but in most cases, this tool is primarily available to use to download tracks that have the potential to be deleted for reasons other then copyright infringement.
This post will show you how to:
Download from soundcloud
Download non-downloadable songs from soundcloud
Grab an mp3, wav, aiff file download from soundcloud
Stream soundcloud songs to a file
Keep a soundcloud track from someone that's harassing/bullying you with
Use a soundcloud downloader