Google App Engine Launcher Settings

Posted: Friday 18 April 2014

Recently, I did a little bit of maintenance on my computer (aka wiped the entire hard disk and changed the partitioning table to GPT) and so files here and there were lost, shortcuts weren't pointing to the right places, and unfortunately, Google App Engine Launcher failed to respond to these changes and I was unable to point my application to the right places..
So after a little bit of searching, I have found the place where Google keeps the settings for its "Google App Engine Launcher":
C:\Users\[Your Username Here]\Google\google_appengine_projects.ini
You can replace portions of the path for your applications in the file located here.
Save the file and reload the App Engine Launcher to allow for the program to reload the file and reflect upon the changed file path of your application.
If done correctly, everything should work fine again!
The application that's still red is an unfortunate part of wiping out an entire hard drive.
This post covers the following:
How to change project path in Google App Engine
How to find the Google App Engine settings location
Where is the Google App Engine launcher settings location
Where is the Google App Engine registry location