URL Shortener Followup

Posted: Saturday 22 June 2013

With the current trend in URL shorteners, it's difficult to make sure what url redirects where, such as whether or not that tinyurl link leads to one of those shock websites.
A few years back Twitter offered and announced its t.co url shortener service that is now the standard URL shortener for all of twitter's link, making projects like this useful: http://tweeplus.com/#
However, at the same time, Twitter had made raw links quite ambiguous - for example: http://t.co/uUiGMyzFIH
Basically, what I have created is a once-only URL followup, or to be more concise to its objective, a "URL Shortener Followup", which is a simple web tool that it analyses your link once, to see where a URL will redirect to.
This concept has most likely been thought about years ago, however this followup tool is unique in that it will only attempt to detect any redirects exclusively from your URL and not attempt to follow up or send a request to any secondary URLs that your link redirects to, keeping links that have a certain expiration time or secret token(s) confidential and untouched.