iOS 7 Beta 1 Compass Fix

Posted: Saturday 15 June 2013

As a beta, iOS 7 is amazing, however, there are quite a few issues that will be hopefully resolved in the final version of iOS 7.
The compass app may not work on your iPhone as it may get stuck on "Complete the circle to calibrate" whenever you open up the compass...
So here's a simple solution issue to the problem (Note: The instructions below were done on an iPhone 4S).

Basically, the steps to perform are these:

1. Open to the compass menu in the settings app.
2. Slide the "Use True North" toggle off

3. Quit the compass app from the multi-task bar
4. Calibrate your phone by spinning it around (it shouldn't be stuck now)
5. Enjoy testing and using the new revamped Compass UI