Skype now works on iOS 7 beta!

Posted: Thursday, 8 August 2013

With Apple's recent iOS 7 beta 5, accessing the messaging feature of Skype (its key feature), will no longer crash Skype; making it now possible to read and use the app normally just like anyone still using iOS 6!
What this means is that if you do use Skype as your primarily app to contact friends and family, and is the only reason why you've been putting off testing the iOS 7 betas - then with the new update, "iOS 7 beta 5" it's pretty much safe and stable now to use in regards to Skype as it no longer crashes - though it still does in previous betas of iOS 7 (iOS 7 beta 1,2,3,4)..
If you haven't been able to use Skype since the first iOS 7 beta came out, then a lot has changed with the app, the entire UI looks more revamped and modern to follow with Microsoft's design theme..
In short:
Does Skype work on iOS 7 beta? With the latest beta, yes.
Can you message people on Skype with the newest iOS 7 beta? Yes.
Does Skype work on iOS 7 beta 5? Yes.
Does Skype crash on iOS 7 beta? Not anymore, no.