Download From HAR

Posted: Monday, 15 September 2014

Download from HAR is a Windows application that can download content from a HAR file.

You might need this program to more effective download content from servers then with wget or curl, where rendered content such as images or external javascript resources are all methodologically downloaded through the program, with next to none left behind.

Downloading websites for the sake of cloning them is unethical and immoral... This tool was created to play around with GPL-licensed websites, such as, which does not have an easily accessible open source repository.

Scroll down for the download link...

Download: (3.1MB)

MD5: 853867813FC1B74B25CBFC9351C84890
SHA-256: BDA0E6A172713E5C959027C78402EE697F95FD8A75FB2519DED7FA5FB188FCAE

VirusTotal Scan: (Note: the Bkav scan is a false-positive, its as a result of the packaging method that I took [python -> cython -> exe with modules -> bundled exe])