A4 Lined/Ruled Paper Generator

Posted: Monday, 14 October 2013

Most online lined/ruled paper generators tend to include copyright messages, or even large and ugly watermarks.
Well, here's a simple lined/ruled paper generator that you can customize and generate an A4-sized image which contains lines and grids to your hearts content.
You can set
  • The height of the line
  • The size of the leading space above the line
  • Pixels-per-inch (for when you need a high quality ruled or lined paper to work with or to print with)
  • The size of the line and 
  • Whether or not the last line in the paper should be generated or not (as it tends to be irregular sometimes..)
The lined paper is automatically set to generate a page with 30 mm leading space, 8 mm line spacing of 0.5 mm width lines. This isn't a standard, however it's convenient and works well if you need to write pages worth of stuff...

If your browser cannot display the lines or the ruled paper and instead shows an empty white page, then just refresh the page.
If by then you cannot see the lines still then download a better web browser (such as Google Chrome)
If you still cannot view the site or are somehow suspicious of its functionality, then you can download some sample generated ruled / lined papers below
72 ppi, 30 mm lead, 8 mm lines, 0.5 mm line width:
300 ppi, 30 mm lead, 8 mm lines, 0.5 mm line width:
300 ppi, 10 mm lead, 10 mm lines, 0.5 mm line width:
300 ppi, 50 mm lead, 5 mm lines, 1 mm line width: