North Korea's Red Star OS Download

Posted: Friday 13 February 2015

If you're a little cautious about peer-to-peer downloading, even if it's legal, or dislike the reliance on other slow peers, then here's a download straight off!

Red Star OS is North Korea's attempt in replicating Apple's Mac OS X operating system, acting as a artificial fa├žade on top of Linux. There's a few security-conscious details that have been added in a delusional attempt to thwart outside security "threats".

So, without further adieu:
redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso -!0dUiAYjC!lils17twxjFjsDBCyPC95OK_Kev_G_8FrZMCDIwislM
MD5: ACF53D2B50ECB1391044B343502BECF5
SHA256: 895AD0E01AE0D35A65E9AC42DD34D0A1D685D6DFA331CE5B4F24BBC753439BE3
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