Andromeda Galaxy 4K, Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Posted: Saturday 24 January 2015

NASA and the ESA recently published its latest image of the Andromeda Galaxy, an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and compiled by a source of 7,398 images. [1]
The resulting image is a mind-boggling 4,637MB, with a resolution of 69,536 in width and 22,230 in height, totalling 1,545,785,280 pixels. That's 1.5 Gigapixels! [2]

To put this size into further context, an iPhone with an 8 Megapixel camera is 200 times less detailed then the image published.

So, the Andromeda galaxy has been downsized to 4K images for your quick consumption.

The images come in two distinct sets. The "Normal" versions have only been cropped and resized. The "Post-processed" versions has been de-noised as much as possible, resulting in a less grainy and smoother wallpaper.

Normal versions

Normal, Dual Monitor 4K

Normal, Single Monitor 4K, Low Contrast

Normal, Single Monitor 4K, High Contrast

Post-processed versions

Post-processed, Dual Monitor 4K

Post-processed, Single Monitor 4K, Low Contrast

Post-processed, Single Monitor 4K, High Contrast