CHM file isn't working on Windows

Posted: Monday, 1 December 2014

If you've ever dealt with CHM files, then you would already know that those letters are short for "Compiled HTML", which are typically used as a resource to HELP or guide users through a particular set of problems.
Unfortunately, CHM files don't share the same metadata structure as .EXE files, leading to the environment that CHM files reside in involving no security or certificate checks. In short, your Windows operating system is indifferent as to what CHM file is safe and which are not.
This can be a problem particularly in the case where it appears that the CHM file doesn't work. It can open. you can search content, but the entire document seems to be merely a BLANK SCREEN.
Take this file for example: "Publisher 2013 Developer Documentation.chm". It's a Compiled HTML file that's straight of Microsoft's website. So you'd think that the computer will recognize the origin and allow the file free access within your computer (since Microsoft should know your Windows operating system well right?).
Well, think again...

Once you've gotten to this stage however, then the problem starts becoming obvious.
But what if? The issue worsens?

As you can see from the panel on the right, it's totally blank! The CHM file is not working, despite from being a CHM file straight from Microsoft...
The fix to this is simple.
Just go to the file in question, right click and select "properties".

Then select the "Unblock" option
And you're all done!