Simple Base64 to PNG Converter

Posted: Tuesday 5 August 2014

Of course, if you want to convert a Base64 data to pretty much any type of file, you can just use the online tool at

But on the off-chance that you are naturally suspicious of anything that anyone makes, here's a simple Base64 to PNG Windows application that can convert from Base64 to PNG offline and without internet.

So, without further adieu,

Download: to PNG.exe

MD5: 991EFE1DD11EE004A218EDCDD0B523DC
SHA-256: E3E49B60989DDDEA2649DC7880E583475E931CB0F40A06A7EEFBC7085B92756C

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I'm straying away from the open-source community for a while. But if you really, really need the code, then the basic one-liner is available here: