Convert image to BMP

Posted: Wednesday 19 March 2014

Recently, I got sick and tired of having to go through the process of downloading programs full of bloat and "full version" ad messages, along with other things - just to have a simple program that converts image files into BMPs.
But I also didn't just want any regular program, I didn't want to see a fully featured, super cooked "additional features" program, I wanted simple a drag and drop program that gets the job done on thousands of images.
So instead of downloading freeware programs loaded with toolbars, adware and all the other junk, and instead of loading the images one-by-one into Microsoft Paint and converting them all manually, I created a simple program that you can just drag, drop and have a bitmap image from common image formats.
I don't claim to have created a program that can convert millions of image formats to bitmap, just common formats: .jpg, .png and .gif* all seem to work fine.
There's no ads, virus, malicious software, and the program is both lightweight and portable, being a simple program.
So here it is:
Download: (2018 edit: looks like what was once detected as a perfectly clean file is now suddenly detected as a false positive malware, aw well, I should've open sourced the software on day-one, but then it would compile to the same binary and still be considered malware)

MD5: 9EEE1A103D38B1085F0CFB0B74317B6A
SHA-256: 1B5B3D233393D76493B1C0519CEF92492C3C0F0279D9755619A348A5F7B0FD2A

VirusTotal Scan:
This .net program requires .net v4 or higher.
The program is not malicious and does not contain any toolbars, adware, or malware. It's only 33,280 bytes (~33kb if you're uncertain of the notation), so it's extremely lightweight and easy to download. And it gets the job done.
I do not keep track of anything that happens to that program (it does not auto-update, no data gets sent to any website, etc.), so as a simple disclaimer, I am not responsible for what "image to bitmap" does to your dog, cat, goldfish or horse. Or everything else asides from that...
This program overrides bitmaps that share the same appended name (file name+appended file extension) by default, which shouldn't be a big deal since the file extension is being appended, however if it does become an issue, just uncheck "Override File?"
* With animated .gif files, you only get the first frame as a bitmap, with normal .gif files, you get what you'd expect as a bitmap.