Far Cry 3 Cheats

Posted: Friday 3 January 2014

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The situation

Far Cry 3 is a fun and open-world first person shooter that allows you to explore the majestic and grand world of the Rook Islands, filled with it's colourful characters, jungle environment along with it's chequered history. Throughout the course of the game, you will face challenges that may become too stressful and repetitive.
One of the game's many features is the ability to take over outposts, or "base" if prefered... Sure the ability to crouch behind a tree and sniping from a distance is fun, but what happens when you reach "that" outpost with the fully armoured up heavy; not even a headshot would kill him immidately. And that's when the game starts to suck.
Suddenly, you're at a point where your prime strategy doesn't work anymore. Snipe the heavy until he dies? That would just blow your cover and lose the opportunity for you to gain bonus XP for liberating outposts undetected and without triggering alarms. After the first shot, if it doesn't kill him, it only makes him stronger, the whole outpost would be alereted to your presence

So you mercilessly get civilian's car, and ram it into the heavy - he doesn't die and now you have everyone in the outpost shooting at you with reinforcements yet to come. How fun. So you fast travel to the nearest liberated outpost because you know you have no chance of suvival.

Then once you finally liberate said outpost, there comes Rayats that prance around like deer and exclaim "It's all me" to claim YOUR personal victory and effort as their own, taking your prize away from you, just like that. Arseholes.
So you shoot them and the Rayat shoot back, but you eliminate them quickly. And realize that you've spent so much time playing Far Cry 3 and trying to liberate the output that it wasn't worth killing the Rayat.

So here is some cheats for Far Cry 3 that would make the game a whole lot more fun and less stressful, and to make liberating outposts, taking down that almost-invincible heavy, and slaughtering your "allies" a whole lot easier:

Note! These Far Cry 3 cheats require Steam to be installed and the game to be registered to your account, and will work from Steam despite the fact that Far Cry 3 uses UPlay instead of steam as their main social do-hickey.

The Cheats (click on the link to run the game with the chosen cheat activated!)

Far Cry 3 - Be always hidden
Far Cry 3 - Unlimited ammo
Far Cry 3 - God mode
Far Cry 3 - Be always hidden, Unlimited ammo and God mode

A Review

If you don't have Far Cry 3 yet, here's my review of the game

Far Cry 3 features an open world with an immersive and realistic gaming mechanic similar to those of Skyrim (where you actually get to explore the world as a whole).

Health doesn't regen like you're some god and enemies are actually difficult to shoot at, making tactical planning and strategy to clear enemies a must.
Having a tribal environment mixed in with modern technology (high powered camera to track enemies, the use of phones, e.t.c.) gives the game an interesting plot as you're stranded in unfamilar, jungle environments for the most of the game.
Shooting lions, dogs, deer, pigs are mechanics that add to the feel of the the jungle environment and crafting animal skin makes the game realisitic.

Overall, the game is fun, cheeky and enjoyable however, what was going on ubisoft's mind when they decided to force the integration of uplay? Having to use two accounts to play a single game is a huge dealbreaker for the most of us, even worse, the integration of uplay is terrible; steam does it right, uplay does not.