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3DS Emulators, eMu3Ds are fakes

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Briefing/Quick summary

Update: The "3DS Emulator 1.1.7" fakeware has been renamed to eMu3Ds, see what has changed here: Changelog

eMu3Ds is a fake, most of the reviews shown on YouTube are most likely to be fake as well... Multiple "dedicated" gaming forums are calling it a fake, what else? Below is a quick summary and analysis of almost everything to do with this scam, kinda like a one hit dose of what's happening..

Analysis of the program folder 

Analysis of the source code 

So basically, what the "3DS Emulator" does, is that it opens, shows an error message that prompts you to download the "bios". Which if you do have (don't fill in their survey, create an empty folder called "3dsbios" instead) instead shows an activation error which forces you to fill in a second survey, and even if you do fill that survey in, nothing will happen; because it's fake and was probably intended to work that way.

Analysis of the website

Further Reasoning w/ unedited screenshots

The following YouTube video is a complete fake:
It links to what apparently looks like a legitimate emulator at "" and of course, after downloading it, you will get an error [the source code is included in the section above this, explaining why]:

The popup box title is "Fatal error 2.4.5.", which states that the bios is corrupted. And after downloading the "bios" at fileice... will find that the contents of the 10mb "Bios" archive

is already in the data.dat folder.. There is NO mapping or bios, stop wasting your time.. Having a look at it further, the files in the bios folders are dated from 2005, but the 3ds was released in 2011, also there are .img files and .txd files... Does that remind you of anything? [Hint: GTA for PS2]

There really is no explanation as to why the video appears legit, but that's because we're all suckers,, since it was intended to do exactly that - Trick us...


This post was written months ago, but as a clarification; as of September 2013, there are no 3DS Emulators that have been released yet.

Any 3DS Emulators that have been "released" are fake or complete scams, just like any other emulator mentioned in this post. Why is this? Well basically, like the new PS3, companies always look for ways to protect and/or decrypt their software and games.

There have been no jailbreak released for v3.60 right up to v4.46 of the PS3; the same applies to 3DS Emulators.

There have been no "3DS Emulators" released yet, and just like a jailbreak for the v4.46 PS3 firmware, it's very, very unlikely that there ever will be a 3DS Emulator..

Companies are always trying to protect their software and hence, "3DS Emulators" may never exist...


Additional sources:


And a big shoutout to Squall Leonhart for showing this fake:

Changelog (new!):

Changed name from 3DS Emulator 1.1.7 to eMu3Ds, same quality and wokring :P survey emulator, but different name
Changed error message from "Fatal error 2.4.5." to "Fatal error #01029 Missing files"
Changed the "Original Filename" from "360 emulator.exe" to "3DS Emulator 1.1.7.exe"
New filename is now called "3DS Emulator 1.1.7" instead of "3ds EmulatorX" in its previous release (1.1.2)
1.1.7 is 100kbs smaller then 1.1.2 with more functionality, such as having a longer bios error message, and having more games support (0 instead of 1)...

Similar Fakes:

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According to this video: this issue is more widespread then I initially thought it was - have a look at these links:

The new homepage for the ps3 emulator shown in the "Analysis of the Website" screenshot above

A now deactivated fake homepage for the ps3 emulator

And also:

It looks like there's also fake emulators out there for xbox360, and not just for ps3 and the 3ds.. As a very coincidental fact - the "3DS emulator" seems to have it's code based upon the fake xbox360 emulator...

Hopefully, to all of you, don't don't get scammed or get your time wasted the next time scams like this occur.


And if you think that the 3ds emulator at Hackingnation works, then think again..
The Nintendo 3DS Emulator – v2.9.4 is also a fake, here's a portion of it's source-code:

Click to expand

Now what does this mean? Well, even if you have the BIOS.dll file, Plugins/Audio.dll, Plugins/Controlers.dll  or Plugins/Graphics.dll the scamware will state that that file isn't at the latest version, even if it's the most current.

If you need further proof that Hackingnation's 3DS Emulator is a fake, then you can download "The Nintendo 3DS Emulator – v2.9.4" at
What then have to do is that you extract the archive to your C:// drive (so you end up with a program located at C:\3DS Emulator 2.9.4\3DS Emulator 2.9.4.exe) and create an empty/new file called BIOS.dll in that folder

Go ahead, try starting it, this fake emulator will "try" to scan for "plugins" and then state that it doesn't work. Even if those file existed (completely empty or not, or if it's from the official download) it still doesn't work because the source code says so and because the program is fake.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's  a copy of the download, complete with the "bios" and "outdated plugins",

The PS3 Emulator 1.9.4, conveniently created by Hackingnation is also a fake.. Surprising isn't it?

At least this around time around the "developers" offers an updated version [don't expect that to work as well..]

And like the scams from, and the files are structured similarly...

If you've managed to fall into this trap then rest assured that you can get no viruses from this, just your time wasted filling in surveys to amount to nothing.

To clarify: there are no real 3ds emulators out yet, and most likely will not be one. The most prevalent "3ds emulator" that exists is a fake program that is currently rank #1 on Google's searches, it has been renamed multiple times starting from 3DS Emulator 1.1.2, to 3DS Emulator 1.1.7, to even eMu3Ds, all of which have turned out to be deceptive and forces you to fill in surveys.. Rest assure that the 3ds emulator that exists on (and even hackingnation) are fake and filling in the survey will lead to nothing.

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