Unsplash - Download Top 100 Largest, 500 Smallest Images by Filesize

Posted: Friday 18 November 2016

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#F!RUMDWLra!QkrGOq189rgvunAaN4tAWw - ~5 GB

Here's a partial release of a personal Unsplash data mining session: 100 of the Largest file-sized images from Unsplash, and 500 of the Smallest file-sized images.
These images weigh (altogether) at a considerable size of 5 GB.

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#F!RUMDWLra!QkrGOq189rgvunAaN4tAWw - ~5 GB


And with the download links out of the way, here's some analysis on the data

Top 100


The most popular camera is the Nikon D800 - a pretty 36 MP DSLR. Next up is the Sony Alpha 7RM2 - an impressive 42 MP Mirrorless Camera. And in third place is the Canon EOS 5DS - a 50 MP DSLR. Pentax seems to have gotten some love (once). While brands like Panasonic, and devices like Smartphones, don't make the list.

Image Resolution

Average (Mean): 7167.51 x 5130.97 = 36.78 MP (Megapixels) ~ 17.7K
Average (Median): 7360.0 x 4912.0 = 36.15 MP (Megapixels) ~ 17.4K

As expected, the largest 100 Unsplash images (by filesize) also have large dimensions - a small amount attributed to "stitched-up" images: panoramas and gigapixel images

The main observation from the graph are that DLSRs with 36MP sensors are popular for producing high-quality images.

File sizes

Total Size (Space): 3.34 GB

The largest image weighs in at a cool 46.4 MB. 8688 px x 5792 px. Taken from a Canon EOS 5DS, by Tikkho Maciel - http://www.instagram.com/tikkho, and uploaded on 2016-03-08.

Smallest 500

Image Resolution

Average (Mean): 2742.62 x 1953.574 = 5.36 MP (Megapixels) ~ 2.6K
Average (Median): 2400.0 x 1703.0 = 4.09 MP (Megapixels) ~ 2.0K

File sizes

Total Size (Space): 200.3 MB

Smallest 100

Image Resolution

Average (Mean): 2152.66 x 1496.76 = 3.22 MP (Megapixels) ~ 1.6K
Average (Median): 2048.0 x 1366.0 = 2.80 MP (Megapixels) ~ 1.3K

As most entry Cameras start at 8 MP, Unsplash appears to feature images that have been resized.

File sizes

Total Size (Space): 21.0 MB

The smallest image on Unsplash weighs in at a light 64.9 KB. Its dimensions are 2048 px x 1365 px, is taken by Naveen Chandra (maybe), and was published on 2014-06-16. Given how small its file size is, the image is of reasonable quality. Judge for yourself and feel free to give your own opinion.


The Canon 6D rules supreme (in taking lower file size images)!

Smallest/Largest 100

Every one of the top 100 sized images (Lowest = 28.4 MB) is larger than all of the Lower 100 Image filesizes (21.0 MB) combined

End of Analysis

Here's a bonus tip with using Mega.nz.

Downloading From Mega

The cleanest way to download from Mega would be to use their native client with an account.
  1. Use the "Import to my cloud drive" button to import the folder into your local account
  2. Sync your account to your computer through the client

Otherwise, be warned that if you've chosen the "Download As Zip" option, the Mega.co.nz/Mega.nz web interface does not support native download interruption resumption.

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#F!RUMDWLra!QkrGOq189rgvunAaN4tAWw - ~5 GB

For additional images from Unsplash, check out: http://www.saffatbokul.com/2015/11/download-all-unsplash-free-stock-photos-archive-zip.html, and, of course https://unsplash.com/
And as a teaser, there's at least 15,000 images on Unsplash, totalling 100 GB - Correct as of November 2016.