Character Profile Sheet

Posted: Thursday 8 September 2016

The following profile sheet can be used as a simple form to thoroughly survey someone, or as a template to create a fantasy character with.

Fields Given

Title, First Name, Last Name, Other Given Name(s)
Date of Birth, Age, Gender, Nationality
Hair Color, Eye Color
Height, Weight
Phone Number
Address: Suburb, Postcode/Zip, State, Country
Ethnic Background
Highest Year of Education, Occupation
Favorite Color, Favorite Food, Personality, Likes and Interests, Dislikes.


PDFs (Downloads)

profilesheet_release.pdf - 37KB -
profilesheet_release.pdf - 37KB -!5IEWFSxQ!xQuXqTNGBzmXuMmG7aqeHG-tdARqrk0r5dHu99BSCWk