Better Python Standard Library Autocompletion for Notepad++

Posted: Thursday 7 July 2016

Download: (476kb download - 3,367kb extracted)
Note that there's 13,563 definitions included, so any application that attempts to parse XML structure will have a bad time.



Using the Notepad++ "python.xml" generator at:, in conjunction with a script that imports all Python modules:, on a computer with a fresh Python install, nabs a "python.xml" file with definitions and autocomplete entries for all Python Standard Library modules.

Or if github gists are your thing:

The "python.xml" file should be placed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs" or "C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs", overwriting the pre-installed copy.

In case you want to revert back to the pre-installed "python.xml" file, here's a copy:

Here's a list of all of the Python Standard Libraries used in the creation of the autocomplete file:
import _bsddb
import _ctypes
import _ctypes_test
import _elementtree
import _hashlib
import _msi
import _multiprocessing
import _socket
import _sqlite3
import _ssl
import _testcapi
import _tkinter
import bz2
import pyexpat
import select
import unicodedata
import winsound
import BaseHTTPServer
import Bastion
import CGIHTTPServer
import ConfigParser
import Cookie
import DocXMLRPCServer
import HTMLParser
import MimeWriter
import Queue
import SimpleHTTPServer
import SimpleXMLRPCServer
import SocketServer
import StringIO
import UserDict
import UserList
import UserString
import __future__
import _abcoll
import _osx_support
import _pyio
import _strptime
import _threading_local
import _weakrefset
import abc
import aifc
import antigravity
import anydbm
import argparse
import ast
import asynchat
import asyncore
import atexit
import audiodev
import base64
import bdb
import binhex
import bisect
import bsddb
import cProfile
import calendar
import cgi
import cgitb
import chunk
import cmd
import code
import codecs
import codeop
import collections
import colorsys
import commands
import compileall
import compiler
import contextlib
import cookielib
import copy
import copy_reg
import csv
import ctypes
import dbhash
import decimal
import difflib
import dircache
import dis
import distutils
import doctest
import dumbdbm
import dummy_thread
import dummy_threading
import email
import encodings
import filecmp
import fileinput
import fnmatch
import formatter
import fpformat
import fractions
import ftplib
import functools
import genericpath
import getopt
import getpass
import gettext
import glob
import gzip
import hashlib
import heapq
import hmac
import hotshot
import htmlentitydefs
import htmllib
import httplib
import idlelib
import ihooks
import imaplib
import imghdr
import importlib
import imputil
import inspect
import io
import json
import keyword
import lib2to3
import linecache
import locale
import logging
import macpath
import macurl2path
import mailbox
import mailcap
import markupbase
import md5
import mhlib
import mimetools
import mimetypes
import mimify
import modulefinder
import msilib
import multifile
import multiprocessing
import mutex
import netrc
import new
import nntplib
import ntpath
import nturl2path
import numbers
import opcode
import optparse
import os
import os2emxpath
import pdb
import pickle
import pickletools
import pipes
import pkgutil
import platform
import plistlib
import popen2
import poplib
import posixfile
import posixpath
import pprint
import profile
import pstats
import py_compile
import pyclbr
import pydoc
import pydoc_data
import quopri
import random
import re
import repr
import rexec
import rfc822
import rlcompleter
import robotparser
import runpy
import sched
import sets
import sgmllib
import sha
import shelve
import shlex
import shutil
import site
import smtpd
import smtplib
import sndhdr
import socket
import sqlite3
import sre
import sre_compile
import sre_constants
import sre_parse
import ssl
import stat
import statvfs
import string
import stringold
import stringprep
import struct
import subprocess
import sunau
import sunaudio
import symbol
import symtable
import sysconfig
import tabnanny
import tarfile
import telnetlib
import tempfile
import test
import textwrap
import this
import threading
import timeit
import toaiff
import token
import tokenize
import trace
import traceback
import types
import unittest
import urllib
import urllib2
import urlparse
import user
import uu
import uuid
import warnings
import wave
import weakref
import webbrowser
import whichdb
import wsgiref
import xdrlib
import xml
import xmllib
import xmlrpclib
import zipfile
import Canvas
import Dialog
import FileDialog
import FixTk
import ScrolledText
import SimpleDialog
import Tix
import Tkconstants
import Tkdnd
import Tkinter
import tkColorChooser
import tkCommonDialog
import tkFileDialog
import tkFont
import tkMessageBox
import tkSimpleDialog
import ttk
import turtle