University of Sydney Timetable Exporter (Sync with iPhone, Google Calendar)

Posted: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Link to Web App:

If you're ever lost and don't know when your next lecture, practical, lab, or tutorial will be in, or in fact where it even is, then this web application will help simply the process of managing your time at the University of Sydney.

iOS supports this web application natively through Safari, and so you can add your timetable automatically with two taps of a finger after you've submitted your credentials to login.

The instructions for iOS assume that you're using iOS Safari, however, if you're on a PC/Mac, and want to sync your timetable with your iPhone, then you can send the generated ics file via email to your iPhone, and you're all set!

With Google Calendar, you can sync this calendar with your Android device. So, by extension, this web application supports Android devices as well (although it hasn't been tested)!

Outlook (tested with Outlook 2013) works, but to a degree. Your timetable will be imported but your times will be off by an hour, due to timezone/daylight savings issues. iOS and Google Calendar do not have this daylight savings issue.

Link to Web App: