Downloaded File Completer

Posted: Monday 21 July 2014

If you've ever used Google Chrome (which, as of 2014, means that you're in the majority of users), then you may have gotten a bright red text mocking you, claiming "Unknown Network Error" besides it.

Upon investigation, usually, something incomprehensible usually manifests itself, for example, the download stopped at 99% without any explanation, leaving behind a corrupted file.

Now, if you've ever been in a situation where you've been downloading that critical file that really needed to be downloaded, or the 99% represents hundreds of megabytes - even gigabytes of data, and it's that one missing bit that would warrant the entire file to be re-downloaded (since the checksum in zip files are something out of this world), then the "Downloaded File Completer" will help patch up the file and run as good as new.
Now, this tool works fine in any web browser, be it Firefox or Google Chrome, but since I primarily use Chrome myself, the tool has only really been tested it with a download that Chrome branded "Unknown Network Error", 
As such, if you have a file on your computer with the file extension ".crdownload", and the title looks something along the lines of "Unconfirmed [random number].crdownload", then locate the original URL of the corrupted file, and run it through this tool to repair it! 
Download: downloadPartial_.exe (77.0 KB / 78848 bytes)
MD5: A8663DB0631CFD860B817F742EBBF01E
SHA256: 55C88EBD8EC0A6FF83DCD994007E4CC37677119FAB8F7E5E63BE9A9FA9D67CB1

Twokinds Rar/Zip Archive - Prologue to the 10th Anniversary Chapter

Posted: Sunday 20 July 2014

Following on from MediainFire's archive, below are some download links to Tom Fischbach's classic about a guy and a female tiger.
Addressed are some issues that were found in MediainFire's archive of Twokinds, where the pages that were missing which may left those important minuscule details out have been found and automatically readded.
For closure, this archive contains the chapters from the Prologue, all the way to the 10th Anniversary Chapter (all 779 pages). Chapter 17 and beyond will not be included as it's a long waiting game from this point on (not knowing that the comic existed will put your mind at rest until some ideas are elaborated upon and concluded).
This is a direct archive of the images straight from Tom's keenspot site, so there's no need to worry about any differences between the copy that you are downloading, and the copy that's on his site. Though make sure that you do visit the Keenspot Twokinds site with adblocker turned off.
The archives are uploaded at, since it's a relatively modern service with insanely fast speeds and no annoying pop-up ads. If the download does not work, try using a different web browser.
Download Links:

Download Zip: (179.8 MB)
Download Rar: TwokindsComic_.rar (196.7 MB)
For processing, here's some raw JSON data!