How to download "save disabled" slideshare presentations

Posted: Friday 24 May 2013

Most slideshare documents allow you to download presentations, encouraging a free and open environment when it comes to sharing documents and presentations.
However, some don't.
"Disable save" presentations realistically do not offer any protection from users downloading the presentation itself, in fact, the urls required to create a presentation are embedded in the source code of of every slideshare page, and not much is required to take it and to download the image.
So, here's a quick how-to to download a presentation from slideshare:
1. Visit:
2. Enter valid slideshare url into the textbox, such as:
3. Press "Download"
4. Wait for the public images to be fetched and collected
5. Enjoy the presentation as a collection of zipped images!

Now supporting Slideshare .SSD files! (which no-one had managed to find a way to download yet...)