Posted: Sunday 12 May 2013 is a BAD company that is spammy in the sense that it aggregates user data from forums that use very expensive software, run legitimately and therefore are very credible - to use that very data to supply their own spammy engine with data from other websites. People are stupid to click on any links (both in the search results, or even directly) because where do all the ad money go to? The greedy and oblivious people who created, not the owners of the actual content.
Content is automatically covered by copyright laws in certain countries (including the US, UK), and those content seem to end up at without the user's attention, knowledge, permission, or even attribution. therefore breaching some serious data theft laws. So much for the "hard work" part that some marketers have been trying to brainwash us with in a Google discussion thread here...
Bigresource isn't spammy or a thorn in the sense that it's a slight inconvenience for the average beginner at programming who wants to know how to program quickly, but in the sense that it DAMAGES the overall programming community by NOT sharing their profits with the true owners or the hosters of the original legitimate content. Not to mention the loss of development time used to actually access a illegitimate and spammy ad portal. It functions in what seems like a very illegitimate way and must be penalised like any other webpage that stuffs their websites with keywords (aka, pre-2004 SEO tactics), because, in essence, this is the entire structure and business model that this scam of a company is running.
So, here's a script that will automatically bypass, so that an accidental click on Google will still lead you straight to your answers

Download and install from here: