US Government site hacked by Anonymous

Posted: Saturday, 26 January 2013


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On this day, anonymous has managed to hack into the website of one once under the US Government's control: The hack seems to be in retaliation to Aaron Swartz death and reflects the anti-US views that the online community are slowing gaining through the abuse of power over trivial and small issues that have better been forgotten. It also appears to be linking to files relating to US built warheads.

Jagex spam/scam alert!

Posted: Wednesday, 23 January 2013

If you have recently received an email from Jagex Ltd. about a final legal notification dated in 2012, then you can mark it as spam and get rid of it
The email is as following sucks

Ever used
They're the weakest website counter site ever, every single page view is counted as a "hit". With a script to automate the process, you can put that number to the millions..
There is ip detection with webcounters on that site, no anything.. The developers were far too lazy to implement that... Actually, I've got a better webcounter that practically does the same thing: This site has  gotten: pageviews

Happy Street is flawed

Posted: Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Update as of October 2013: no longer works!

Flaw was open for 10+ months

I'd like to congratulate the developers for spreading the word on the furry community, great job :)

However there's one critical flaw to the game, it uses Appspot and a completely unencrypted gifting/cloud saving system..

Sure there are some horrifically low level protection included (such as "encoding" the data in hex form) but, of course, that was no match for me...

There's really no encryption or any protection that can be found on the way Happy Street handles it's online services, the Happy Street system is wide open....

This is basically what I consider to be the flaw of Happy Street, it's unencrypted... And for a game that attracts millions of players from multiple platforms, you would expect the developers to be a little more careful when it comes to scenarios like this.. However, they're not..

Think that you can't ever send lucky tokens in Happy Street? Well think again..

Great job

Posted: Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well done Kim DotCom, and the rest of the MEGA team, give yourselves a clap on the back - Or you've probably already did.. What you've done will revolutionize content on the internet forever. Personally, I'm surprised, not at the interface and the design of the site [nice api's btw - very unixy] but by the fact that the New Zealand government allowed Mega to go ahead with their plans. That's a very good and clear indication to the American government that countries are slowly trying to rebel against them and to invalidate all attempts for the American government to seize control over offshore content.
Aaron Swartz's death will not be in vain, since users from all over the world can share content with the knowledge that they won't be looked at, ever.. And so government agencies have no proof of data being shared online, and thus no legal consequences can be held to both the participants and MEGA..
However, personally,

Temple Run 2 Hack

Posted: Friday, 18 January 2013

To easy? Amirite? No, but really, if you need a lv8 [45x] progress save then comment on this post or something... Or you can waste your time and build upon the save file contained in the links.
The save is hashed and unlike temple run 1, there is no resume feature or auto submission to Game Center - The only way to gain scores without jailbreaking is to do so legitimately
Personally, I think that the developers have done a great job in adding an extra twist into the game by spicing it up, and would like to congratulate them for raising awareness to the iOS developer community on the fact that cheat prevention is pretty simple...

The mediafire link is down.. Here's my save file:

Why I now hate stackoverflow's gamification system

If you were to look at my Stackoverflow account, you'll see me sitting on some modest amount of reputation points.. 
profile for extramaster at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
It took me 2 months to gain that amount of points - with pure effort, and I feel horrible right now about it. Those numbers don't attribute to anything and I've wasted my life pursing that project and those points...

Campus Life Hack [no jailbreak required]

Posted: Wednesday, 16 January 2013

This post was intended to showcase the flaw for a short period of time (while it was still exploitable) and no-longer works on newer Campus Life versions

Yesterday, I received a very unwelcoming message on Game Center.

Tribute to Aaron Swartz

Posted: Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Aaron Swartz was faced with serve and serious charges, for crimes that he did not commit nor did any parties involved wanted pressed - aside from the US government. Usually, I don't favor the opensource community for being so hypocritically closed minded, but in the case of a trivial matter of trying to release information from the public domain to the public from a private organisation, but like many people, I find this exposure posthumous. What really got me today was the fact that the US has dropped said charges - 50 years in prison. No-one really cared about this case before this event, possibly because of the exposure it had gotten. However - like other typical media sites, I'd like to congratulate Aaron, for co-creating the world's largest open social sharing site, and for co-creating RSS and for contributing to the opensource community. But whatever the US government had planned to attack the opensource community. They should stop.

near "UPDATE": syntax error.

Posted: Monday, 14 January 2013

SQLite is a powerful language, however it's different to SQL by a large degree.
They are similar, but overall, immensely different.. trolling

So being a developer and all that, I decided to take at look at during Christmas when the  servers were still transmitting collaborative data to users across the world. So, I developed some scripts for the site [independently], as you'd expect. Along with other developers who looked at the console.
Since is down right now, and the site is redundant. I'm going to share some media that I created as a result of that hackfest. Enjoy!
A spy in our midst:

github: bold text in readme

Posted: Saturday, 12 January 2013

Github uses markdown for it's .md readme's - the one that you typically see rendered as html at bottom of a github project page. Consequently, bolding a text is as simple as wrapping the text using two asterisks **Bold text here**, which will produce a text enclosed with the strong tag - ie: bolding the text.
You can read about more markdown syntax's here:

About computers, in general

Doing some very basic hacking.. It looks like iOS6 doesn't allow modificationx to the file directories of actual apps, else I would be releasing some mad hack for iOS [that I created while I was still on iOS5]. However, I still have my Second Gen iPod Touch to save my arse, still being stuck on iOS 4.2.1 has it's perks.

redditGOD v2 Released!

Posted: Friday, 11 January 2013

RedditGOD has just been updated! Update or install it through the links below [auto-update not supported at the moment]

How to download Chrome extensions

Posted: Thursday, 10 January 2013

Drag the following link to your bookmarks bar and run it on a Chrome Extension page: Download Chrome Plugin

Temple Run Hack [no jailbreak required]

Welcome to my series of iPhone hacking!
This post will help you achieve extreme high-scores in Temple Run 1.6 for iOS


Stickman Cliff Diving Hack [no jailbreak required]

Welcome to my series of iPhone hacking!
This post will help you achieve extreme high-scores in Stickman Cliff Diving 2.7 for iOS


Bejeweled iOS Hack [no jailbreak required]

Welcome to my series of iPhone hacking!
This post will help you achieve extreme high-scores in Bejeweled v1.4 for iOS


redditGOD v1 Released!

Posted: Wednesday, 9 January 2013

redditGOD is a simple userscript extension that you can install in your browser [just download it and drag it into your extensions page if you're using Chrome].
It aims to improve on what reddit is without trying to bloat or radically changing it. You can download and install the extension from the link below

Pokemon X and Y announced!

Posted: Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pokemon X and Y has officially been announced by Nintendo, which is due to be released on their 3DS platform, the first Pokemon game to ever be released for the console.

How to delete photos off an iPhone with Windows 7/8

If you own an iPhone or pretty much any iDevice and ever had a need to clear out the Photo Roll (also known as the "Photo App"), you might find that you're unable to delete everything off the phone at once though Apple's inbuilt app.

This is because you cannot directly delete folders, such as the "Camera Roll" fold off an iPhone, instead doing so individually.

To delete photos off an iPhone however, you first plug the device into a computer and delete photos in batch.

Which are the following steps:

  1. Visit "My Computer"/"This PC".
  2. Select the device of which you want to delete files from.
  3. Navigate to the hard drive directory called "Internal Storage".
  4. Navigate to the folder called "DCIM".
  5. And there will be a collection of folders of which you would have to perform the step below in each and every one of them:
    • Press Control+A to select all the images from each of the folder and press the "Delete" key in order to delete them.

There is considerable benefit to using the baked-in method of deleting files of the iDevice as opposed to an external solution, as instead of having to rely on external software or software downloads alongside the hassle of spending money on spammy software, all the functionality that you require in order to delete photos are there on your computer already.

This technique works with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus.

And also with the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPod Touch 5th Generation

Alongside the Original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, The New iPad, The iPad Air, and the iPad Air 2.

Oh. And it's more obvious in Mac OS X:

Google Maps blocked on Window Phone

Posted: Monday, 7 January 2013

Is Google blocking Window Phone users from using Google maps?
Google has been in intense competition with Microsoft, both companies offer rival services and products. However, outside of lawsuits and courts, Microsoft consumers are slightly feeling the burn, with the Google maps mobile page being redirected to the Google homepage when visited by a Windows Phone.
So what exactly is going on? Well, the useragent can tell everything about a browser and when spoofed properly, can trick websites into revealing what's really going on. One simple way to spoof the useragent is to use this website:, alternatively you can spoof the useragent by changing browser settings or by using a custom browser.
Below is a basic test of spoofed useragents, to try to see what's going on and to identify the culprit.

Measurements converter

Been working on a project for quite sometime, it was planned to be integrated with another one of my projects but I decided against it and decided to release it as open source... So here it is, a quick and simple measurements converter

Full conversion

Convert: from to in

The meaning of CriOS

Posted: Saturday, 5 January 2013

Recently had a browser view from "CriOS" when viewing your blogger stats? Basically, what that is is Google Chrome for mobile devices; android and iOS. Not some revolutionary new operating system..

Ruby: Joining unpacked integers with strings

If you're a novice at ruby like me, you've probably tried to join strings using plus signs when the data has been unpacked using .unpack():
print "This number will not display: " + no